We are dedicated to gear factory and components of velocity boxes and  differencial para tractors, trucks, buses, cars, vans  and multi purpose vehicles, trains, ships, planes, railway machinery and industrial ones in general.

We provide national and international market (Brazil) and we elaborate serialized products as well as in small, medium and big series upon requests of clients.

Our history started 30 th November 1953, in Córdoba -Argentina, as the result of the push ofsix pioneer emprendedeur youngsters dedicated to build up a trademark and became in the main characters of an epoch that demanded technological contribution and creative solutions.

That is why it supplied in its beginnings to the replacement market in all its lines and then, at different stages, it added automotive, agricultural and trucks terminals. 

TIFEC pioneers built a lot of machinery which were not produced here with the objective of   respond to clients needs. This same satisfaction philosophy has guided and it keeps guiding our nowadays actuate. 

Technology and quality

We produce under ISO 9001:2015 policy, cut edge technology, skilled, permanent and qualified human resources who develop their tasks with high security standards, and maximum attention on the preservation of environment and processes.

Each product is brought under intense quality tests to guarantee its reliability and understanding, values that – joined to the service- constitute the strong linkage essence that we have with our clients, more than a half century ago.

We work on the concept of continuing improvement into all areas manufacturing lines with the purpose of :

  • Keep the product prestigy.
  •  Improve productive processes permanently.
  • Train and / or qualify permanently involved staff.
  • Normalize y streamline processes designs persistently and their validation.
  • Increase the relations and development with suppliers.
  • Raise our clients satisfaction level.

Environmental responsibility

We are enrolled in “Registro de Residuos Peligrosos de la Agencia Córdoba Ambiente.”

We carry out periodic measurements of gas emanations into the extractor sector of heat treatment getting admisible values.

We make the identification and differentiation of different types of waste, which then, are carried by transport enterprises carefully authorized,ensure us in this way, the correct final disposal of the waste, according to stablished guidelines, National Danger Laws as well as current Provincial Regulations.