Passion for reliable movement

70 years of experience in the integral contribute solutions personalized to automotive, agricultural, naval, aerial sectors among others.



Agricultural machinery


Road machinery


Aeronautical industry

Naval industry


We are dedicated to gear factory and components of velocity boxes and  differencial para tractors, trucks, buses, cars, vans  and multi purpose vehicles, trains, ships, planes, railway machinery and industrial ones in general.

We provide national and international market (Brazil) and we elaborate serialized products as well as in small, medium and big series upon requests of clients.

Our history started 30 th November 1953, in Córdoba -Argentina, as the result of the push ofsix pioneer emprendedeur youngsters dedicated to build up a trademark and became in the main characters of an epoch that demanded technological contribution and creative solutions.

That is why it supplied in its beginnings to the replacement market in all its lines and then, at different stages, it added automotive, agricultural and trucks terminals.

TIFEC pioneers built a lot of machinery which were not produced here with the objective of   respond to clients needs. This same satisfaction philosophy has guided and it keeps guiding our nowadays actuate.                                       

We develop exclusive productivity for real and potential clients with special upon requests; serialized products and small, medium and big serie.

Our axes

Experience, quality, technology and environment care are our axes. We are always attentive to  new proposal demands of consumption


Factory: Av. O´Higgins 3850
Jardín Espinosa X5014IGZ
Córdoba - Argentina
Phone: + 54 351 4645514 / 4646547 / 4642112
Sales: + 54 351 4644305 / 4645546
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